Should I whiten my teeth?

before-after[1] This is one of most common questions I routinely get asked.  Teeth whitening works by application of a special, concentrated amount of  peroxide to the teeth. This allows the pores of the teeth to open and allow the whitening to occur. Certain shades of teeth whiten better than others. Yellower shades are easier to whiten than grayer shades, which may due to tetracycline. In addition, it may be harder to whiten teeth with white spots. You will not get an even white color. Porcelain veneers may be an option. However, after whitening, teeth will appear brighter. Before getting teeth whitening, make sure to get a dental check-up and exam to make sure you have no cavities. If you do have a cavity, whitening can be very painful.

Teeth whitening can be done in-office or with custom-made trays. The in-office whitening I use is ZOOM Whitening. It is much stronger than tray whitening or over-the-counter products. Your teeth will be whitened in an hour or less! For people with very little time, this is the best method to whiten your teeth. With custom tray whitening, it may take 5-14 days of 1 hour at-home applications. Either way, with teeth whitening, most people’s teeth do get a whiter, brighter smile in a short amount of time!


About Sonal Patel DDS

San Francisco General & Cosmetic Dentist. At my practice, we see adults & children. The procedures we do include, but are not limited to: teeth whitening, white (composite fillings), porcelain crowns, dental implants, nightguards, teeth cleanings, fluoride treatments, partial and complete dentures. We are a caring, patient-centered office with the latest technolgy and provide dental care with a gentle touch & strive for excellent customer service!
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