You don’t have to brush after every meal? Really!

woman-brushing-teeth_thumb[1] Yes, that’s true! In fact, if you do brush after every meal , you should wait at least a ½ hour to allow for the acidic ph to come back to a more neutral state.  You should brush 2 times/day. During the other times, drink water to wash away what you have eaten or drank. Drinking water after meals also helps deter stains that occur from drinking coffee or soda. If you brush right after your meal, the enamel on your teeth can slowly wear away. Because your teeth are in an acidic state, the teeth are softer. The toothbrush will remove enamel slowly from the teeth and cause them to weaken. Also, remember eating food like carrots and apples will naturally brush your teeth during the day!


About Sonal Patel DDS

San Francisco General & Cosmetic Dentist. At my practice, we see adults & children. The procedures we do include, but are not limited to: teeth whitening, white (composite fillings), porcelain crowns, dental implants, nightguards, teeth cleanings, fluoride treatments, partial and complete dentures. We are a caring, patient-centered office with the latest technolgy and provide dental care with a gentle touch & strive for excellent customer service!
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